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24 Feb 2008 From Paul Pantelimon comes the Osella PA 20s, a BMW-powered Osella prototype made for hill-climb racing made for rFactor. German
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 7 Aug 2013
 21 Sep 2008 New tire grip - 2 model of Osella PA20/s and PA20/p. UNINSTALL AND DELETE ALL OLDIER FILES EXTRACT IN YOUR RFACTOR FOLDER.
 25 Apr 2014
 14 Sep 2014
 RFactor Osella Pa20/s Hillclimb Training at Eichenbuehl. Mensi trening :) a experiment v Sony Vegas 9 pro upic. Datum: 27.7.10 16:50. Autor: jeffo696.
 28 Sep 2014
 Hi Everybody, Converted Osella PA20 T2R - Thank's Freezer2K, DRW and all his team for this quality mod (we have their permission). Another